Academic Stunt doubles: Navigating on the Tightrope between Online Education Ethics and Success with uthentic learning

Let’s talk about a subject hotter than Carolina Reaper – hiring someone to teach you online. That’s right, you did hear it correctly. It’s a bit like hiring an actor to play your role in school. Sounds crazy? Maybe. But it’s more common than you think. Learn more.

Imagine you are swamped at your job, your dog ate the homework that was due yesterday, and there’s an online course for which you need to finish it today. What are you going to do? Some people will throw money at a problem. They look for someone who knows a lot about the subject and ask, “Here is my money, along with my login credentials.” Make me seem smart.”

This might sound like a pretty good deal. It’s a great deal because you can binge-watch all your favorite series, while someone else handles the stress of deadlines and homework. But, wait a minute – learning is supposed to involve… well…learning?

Let’s brek down.

Firstly, the question of fairness and honesty. Remember in school, when a child would copy everything from everyone else during tests? This is eerily similar to the old days, with a new twist. It is an insult to hard work, merit and achievement.

What you are missing is growth. Education is not about collecting Pokemon Cards. It involves challenging yourself and expanding your mind. Sometimes you may discover that there’s something else more interesting than just scrolling through Facebook.

But wait. But wait!

Today, life is like trying juggle flaming chainssaws while riding on a unicycle over Niagara Falls. Complicated doesn’t begin to describe it. Most people have to work while raising their families or upgrading their skills, so that they won’t be replaced by a robot named Bob.

Yes, in the mad dash of life some people find themselves in a position where paying for education seems to be their only way out.

We could also consider other options, such as finding study groups (because misery loves company) or talking to professors about extending deadlines. There are many options, such as time management software (because procrastination can be an art), study groups (because misery likes company), and even talking to professors for extensions of deadlines.

If you’re in the middle of a flurry of assignments or life’s chaos, it might be tempting to cut corners.

But always remember: easy comes, easy goes. You know that feeling of satisfaction when you overcome a challenge? It’s a feeling that lasts much longer than a certificate or grade.

If you ever consider hiring an academic stunt double again, ask yourself this question: Why am I doing all of this? If it is just to pass the exam with minimal effort, well good luck doing that tightrope walk over Niagara Falls with no practice. This journey will be richer and more rewarding.

The next time you consider handing over login details and cash for an A+ remember that education is not just about grades. It’s about becoming the best version of you – even if it takes a long time. You are right in the middle, waiting for memories to be made.

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