Agreement for Associate Lawyers

Many law firms, which are often made up more than one person, are structured as a hierarchy with Partners at top and various levels of Associates below. Associates are usually employees and Partners are typically the owners of the business. Associates have often the opportunity to rise up the ladder to become Partners – more hints. They can also share in the company’s profits and receive wages.

It is vital to have a written agreement (or contract) between Associates and Firm. This will outline everyone’s duties, obligations, and conditions under which they may advance. Below is a draft contract that an Associate can sign with a law company. This document can be modified to fit the needs and requirements of an associate attorney.

This AGREEMENT was signed on the 21st March 2011, between Law Offices of Smith (herein referred to collectively as the “Firm”) and Joe Blow (hereinafter referred the the “Attorney”).


The Firm is a Sole Proprietorship and operates as a business providing legal services. The contract will be valid if the Firm changes to another type of business organization during the term.

The State of Texas licenses the attorney to practice law.

The Attorney and the Firm would like the attorney to be an employee of the firm.

It is agreed between and by the parties as follows

Section 1. Section 1.

Employment. The Attorney is employed at the Firm. The Attorney accepts employment as an Attorney in accordance to this Agreement.

Full time. Full time.

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