Cook Delicious and Healthy Home Meals

Eating healthy isn’t always easy with all the temptations of fast food. It’s best to source food from your own garden, or from a farmer’s markets. This ensures that you get fresh, nutritious food. Every page in “From One Small Garden” offers the next step, which is to make it delicious and scrumptious. This book has over 300 recipes, all developed over 30 years – discover more!

Lillian Brummet (awarded-winning author) and Dave Brummet (award-winning) began creating recipes and compiling them into this cookbook in the Okanagan in the early 1990’s. Over the next three decades, the manuscript traveled with the Brummets to the Boundary region, where they lived for 12 more years, then to their permanent place in the Kootenays. The Brummets refined the recipes during their many travels.

The couple tried various diets including vegetarianism for a time and then switched to veganism for a brief period. They finally settled for a balanced diet with some animal protein along with healthy sweets and lots of fruits, veggies, grains, and vegetables. They built and managed 3 acres in vegetable gardens at a remote mountaintop spa. These events included snacks and meals for guests.

This collection includes recipes for using fresh vegetables and fruits from the garden or farmer’s market. It will inspire you to create delicious and healthy meals at-home using fresh produce and vegetables from your local area. You are sure to get the best, most freshest ingredients from your garden or a farmer’s market.

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