English Language Ability Tests

The language of every part of the globe has transcended barriers since time immemorial. The language has been used to express thoughts and emotions. It is impossible to express the emotion of a speaker if the feeling cannot be expressed. Every corner of the earth is bound by language. The world is a language. Its nuances are easily recognized both by those who speak it and listen to it, find out more?

The world is now a global village due to the growth of globalization. Each aspect of the cultures we have encountered has been assimilated into a smaller sphere. Every other facet of culture has been eclipsed by language. It is now common for us to adopt and practice a foreign language.

English is the universal language that brings us all together. This language was brought by the Britons when they arrived on American soil. English evolved over the years and has become a widely accepted language. Not only has it been a significant influence on academicians, but also the common people. The road is paved with English, and our mother-tongue will be pushed aside.

The ability to speak English in a vernacular way is a requirement for many jobs, from the academia and corporate worlds. For a layman, it is important to have the ability to communicate in a second language. For a man to be regarded as a gentleman, he must speak English. He should also walk with eloquence (the western table manners). English is an integral part of everyday speech. Even though a novice won’t be able summarize his ideas grammatically into a single English sentence, a simple word can make a difference and help him to stand out.

To brush up your grammatical abilities, we have created a system that tests your language ability to its core. The IELTS system (International English Language Testing System), the PTE test (Pearson Test of English) and OET, (Occupational English Test), have worked together to develop a standard of English Language Ability to be used by people who are interested in studying or working abroad. Each testing system tests your English usage in four different modules: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. They are all graded according the the international standards. The tests can be chosen by professionals and students around the world based upon their personal preference.

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