Essential Laws Regarding Fort Lauderdale DUI Fines And Sentences

Fort Lauderdale DUI is based upon the Washington DUI Law and applies the same penalty to DUI convictions. There are several things to consider when someone gets arrested or found guilty of DUI for DUI in Fort Lauderdale. Are I going into jail? If yes, for duration? What’s the duration of probation? What are the penalties? What are the fines? What time will my license be suspended if yes? They are among the most frequent questions every Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney faces daily from their inexperienced and ignorant clients. Get more info?

Washington DUI penalties and fines in Fort Lauderdale and Washington are based on the following laws as well as facts

First Washington DUI Offense (Fort Lauderdale DUI offense)

In the case of a first offence, not less than one day, or greater than one year of imprisonment. The court can delay or suspend the sentence if it finds that the term of imprisonment poses significant risk to the individual’s mental or physical well-being. The court can decide to install the EHM (Electric Home Monitoring Device) or alcohol breathalyzer at the cost of the defendant for 15 days.

A high BAC should not be less than 2 days nor more than 1 year of jail time. Imprisonment may be deferred or suspended only when the court is able to determine that it poses significant risk to the physical or mental health of the person who is being punished. The court can require the installation of the EHM (Electric Home Monitoring Device) or breathalyzer to test for alcohol at the cost of the defendant for of up to 15 days.

Fines and costs:

The BAC per se cannot be more than $5500 or less than $350.

In the event of a high Blood Alcohol Content, or refusal to test the test: not over $5,000 and any less than $500.

In addition, a cost of $125 is assessed to those who have been found guilty or granted deferred prosecution because of an arrest or conviction for a comparatively lesser charge. This is paid to the Washington State Toxicology Laboratory receives this amount.

– Another $500 is charged as compensation to the victim. 60% of the fines are spent on education and safety programs.

License Suspension

First offense BAC Per Se: 90 days or 3 months

If you don’t the test or if you are exhibiting a high BAC, your first offense is punishable with a fine of one 12 months (12 months) or by a one-year suspension.

Zero Tolerance Law Violation

90 day suspension

Conditions of License

First-time offenders will only be granted an injunction to license after they are convicted.

have served the mandatory suspension period.

Second Washington DUI Perjury (Fort Lauderdale DUI offense)

Prison: minimum 30 days up to 1 year. 60 days of house monitoring.

The cost of fines

– A second offense is an offense if the BAC level falls below.15 A minimum of $500 is required and a up to $5,000.

– Second offence (when BAC is at least .15): minimum $500, up to $5,000.

Additional offenses will be charged the same as those charged in the initial instance.

License Suspension

A second offense of BAC per se 2 years or 24 months

If you are refusing to take a test or have a higher BAC than 90 days is the longest sentence.

Zero Tolerance Law violation:

1 year or until infractions age is 21 either of which is more.

Conditional License:

A conditional license cannot be granted to repeat offenders.

But probation or community treatment is allowed for DUI exiled individuals in the discretion of the court for first and subsequent Fort Lauderdale DUI offenses.

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