How long do non-surgical rhinoplasties last?

If you are unhappy with your nose’s shape but are scared of the thought of surgery, then this procedure may be for you. The non-surgical nasal job is a revolutionary new technique that may be worth considering if you are unhappy with the shape of your nose homepage.

Contrary to traditional nose jobs which require customary anesthesia for 1-2 hours, as well as discomfort and downtime afterward, the non-surgical method can achieve relative results using only confined numbing cream in 15 minutes, without any downtime. The effects of the non-surgical nose job are visible immediately and will last for up to two years.

Rhinoplasty recovery

You’ll need to stay overnight in the hospital and wear an splint on your nose for 7-10days after surgery. In the clinic you may receive dressings for each nostril. After surgery, swelling may take six weeks to subside and any bruising can disappear in two weeks. It is recommended that you stop all vigorous activities for six weeks and not work for no more than two weeks. Your progress will be monitored through a series of follow-up appointments.

How long will the procedure take?

Nose Reshaping has different aspects, depending on the exact procedure you have. The incisions made will not only be inside the nose, but will also be along the natural nasopharyngeal folds. In order to adjust the nose’s bone structure, the Cosmetic Surgeon will operate entirely within the nose. The skin will not be damaged and can shrink to the new size. This procedure takes about two hours, and is performed under a generalized anesthesia. An extensive aftercare is required.

How long will it take for full recovery?

As each person recovers differently, we suggest that you avoid sports and take off ten working days. For seven to ten weeks after surgery, there will be swelling and bruising in the nose and around the eyes. There may also be reinforcement in place. We will continue to give you advice and provide care after the surgery. We will help you reduce swelling, and we will also advise that you minimize blowing on your nose for the next two weeks. Your Nose Reshaping procedure will show its full effects six to twelve month after the surgery.

Surgical rhinoplasty is permanent. Dermal fillers are now available in advanced options, which allows patients to control how long the non-surgical rhinoplasty will last.

Non-Surgical Nasal Job: Flexible Duration

We are aware that some patients prefer results that only last for a short time, and others want permanent results. The non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure allows patients to choose the length of time that the results will last. This is something that traditional surgery cannot do. This flexibility gives patients greater control over their outcomes-results which are visible instantly and without recovery.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty allows you to see results immediately. So, your new nose may be only a phonecall away. You may be wondering how long a Non Surgical nose job lasts. The answer is not simple. Much depends on the desired outcome.

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