Is Mobile Digital Video Advertising the Next Big Thing in Marketing

Mobile Video Advertising has become a popular and new form of digital advertisement. Mobile phones and their usages has improved tremendously over the past decade. Smartphones have been practically an essential part of our daily lives. Looking at its rapid growth and development, top marketers/advertisers around the world are realizing the benefits of mobile video advertising to help run their campaigns efficiently among their target audiences, click here for more info.

Mobile advertising is the future

Mobile digital advertising is the future. This mobile video advertising platform promises higher customer engagement rates and improved ROI. Mobile can draw five times more customers to a brand than traditional marketing channels thanks to its higher engagement level. The right mobile advertising strategy will help marketers build strong bonds with their customers.

You must look at this list of top mobile advertising benefits for marketers if you are looking to boost your profit percentage while retaining customers.


Personalization leads to popularity. It is the most important aspect to keep customers’ attention. Pncdigital claims that 75% customer are happy to share their personal information with a seller to purchase goods from them. Personalized messages are a way for customers to feel special and valued. MoLotus’ personalized and customized mobile messaging platform is a great way to reach customers. These results demonstrate that personalization can be a key to increasing customer loyalty and revenue.

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