Learn how to make online money – 4 FREE ways

The living costs are increasing every day and money is often in short supply. After working 40+ hours a week the majority of your income is used to pay for basic necessities. The remainder goes into savings to save for a rainy morning – more info.

It’s not impossible to want a little luxury. There are many opportunities to make money online, which can help you stretch your monthly funds. Let’s talk about how to make online money. Here are 6 ways to earn a regular income.

1. You can start a blog or a website.

Affiliate marketing is another option. You can create a website or blog that focuses on a specific niche. This is something you might be familiar with or have an interest in. Create original, engaging content. Promote it via social media.

Once you build a strong readership, you can start to monetize it. You can rent space for advertising, post paid content, and even write reviews. There are many platforms available for free to help you get started.

2. Stock photography

Photography enthusiasts can make their passion a lucrative business. You can make money selling the photos you take in your spare time online. Advertisers and business groups as well as designers are always interested in easily accessible photographs.

Fotolia.com, iStockphoto.com and ShutterStock.com are a few sites where stock photography is allowed. Simply register and upload your images. Every photograph you sell on their site will earn you money.

3. Copywriting, Translation and Writing

The list on how to make money online is incomplete without writing, translating and copywriting services. Many companies and website owners pay you to create search engine optimized content. You need to be able create grammatically correct articles that are coherent, search engine-targeted and coherent. Fiverr is Elance and iWriter are all freelancing websites that allow you to offer writing and copywriting gigs.

You can make money translating documents if your passion is languages.

4. Tutoring –

You are an expert in a field? Your expertise can be shared with students for a fee. Where do I start? Register for e-tutoring. It is possible that you will need to pass a certification test in order to become a registered educator.

Online tutoring can help students with homework, answer their emailed questions and offer one-on-1 mentoring. After you’ve gained confidence, you can move on to webinars or lectures.

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