Northern Beaches Carpet Care: Addressing Moisture

Because the ocean is in our backyard, we have a unique problem when it comes time to clean carpets on northern beaches more bonuses. The perfect balance is essential to avoid drowning on a surfboard.

First, let’s talk about our routine. This is not the same as regular vacuuming. We vacuum up mud and dust and combat the dampness that sticks to everything. Like exercise, maintaining carpets involves frequent vacuuming.

Vacuuming by itself is not enough. Due to high humidity, mold and mildew flourish in our carpets. Here come dehumidifiers. They are silent heroes in the fight against damp air. Imagine a shield that protects your carpet against wetness.

Let’s start deep cleaning. The Northern Beaches steam cleaner is a godsend. As if you were taking a dip in the sea, your carpet is cleaned from within. The key is to dry. In our humid air it can be just as hard to dry as waiting for a monsoon. To dry, we recommend large windows and industrial fans. Our living rooms will be equipped with a mini cyclone that will remove the moisture.

But what about stains or spills? In homes near the sea, natural cleaning products are preferable. The vinegar-and water solution can remove the majority of stains, without over-oiling our homes. We use it to bring the outdoors inside.

Prevention is our best defense. To prevent sand or moisture from getting on our carpets, we use mats by every door. Like guarding castle gates to keep intruders out.

Sometimes, we do need the cavalry. We are in need of professional carpet cleaners that understand our problems. They are equipped with the right tools and techniques to clean our carpets thoroughly and then dry them in the midst of excess moisture.

The Northern Beaches’ environment is a major influence on carpet cleaning. Our carpets must be kept clean and dry by balancing humidity. Next time you notice moisture in air, don’t just assume it’s due to the proximity of the ocean. It could also be a sign of how well our carpets are being maintained. By maintaining the right attitude, they will remain as attractive and as new as our beach location.

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