Perfect time for moldavites hunting

Autmn came. It has been raining more often and it has become more common. The sun does not shine every day. The sun shines only occasionally for most people. Autumn brings changes to the weather, but also the activities in the agricultural fields. The farmers begin to till the land in preparation for the next season. The surface is covered with fresh soil, and other things are also visible in ceratain locations. There are moldavites also found in areas near the Terciary soils – important link.

The rain wash the soil from stones. The snow covers the fields in winter. Although the snow melts in spring, other “hunters”, who have probably searched the fields before, are likely to be present. The fields are usually covered with crops in the summer. The best season to search for moldavites is autumn.

Good luck with moldavite hunt…

It is believed to be the only gemstone known of extraterrestrial origin (not from this Earth). It also links to the Heart Chakra. Moldavite helps one connect with the heart. It also gives you that radiant pink glow associated with unconditional love. It is definitely a stone that can help us connect to the lovely pink (or even green) resonance of our hearts. Wow! This little powerhouse of multiplicity is amazing! It is no surprise that its energy can initially intimidate people who don’t know about it. This piece is packed full of energy to release and relinquish that one must be prepared for. You are already mirroring your own life by inviting one of these beautiful pieces into it. It is certainly a celestial “stone for transformation.” But not all stones are right for everyone.

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