Roof Repairs Are Necessary If You See These Signs

The last time you looked at your roof, did it show signs of damage? If you’re leaving your house or coming to the door, are you just taking a glance? You may not be able to see damage on your roof, or it could already be in danger of collapse. Check out these warning signs – visit us!

Dark spots and trails. Your chimney should be inspected, especially the area surrounding your vents. Also check your ceiling. These stains are caused by excessive water leakage from rain, or even thawing of ice. Condensation can form due to inadequate ventilation. Contact a roofing contractor if your spots appear moist rather than dry. That is a sure sign that you are experiencing damage.

There are missing or broken roof pieces. It is possible that your roof has some broken or missing tiles, shingles, and shakes. The most common reason for this is when the roof was dislodged from its original position by severe weather, such as high winds or rain. It’s best to check cracks, deterioration and other signs of damage if you think everything is intact.

Roofing distortion. It is possible that roofing materials become distorted due to poor ventilation. Watch out for the common warping, curling and blistering of your roof. If they are caught early, roof repairs will be able to fix them.

Pest activity. Concord is home to a population just under 120,000. Despite this, roofing damage due to pests and rats like rats can be a major problem. Pests such as rats will leave greenish stains or gnaw your wooden roof shingles. You may not even be aware that they are doing this. Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control Department can assist residents in dealing with pests.

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