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The Right Plastic Surgeon: What you should consider

It is important to allow yourself enough time to research your options in My Body Surgeon. The right plastic surgery takes research, time and energy.

The task of choosing a plastic surgery specialist can seem daunting. You’ll have to filter out the quacks from amongst all of the highly-qualified surgeons. Consider these factors before you enter any surgery.

1. The Qualifications

The most crucial and often forgotten step in choosing a cosmetic surgery is to check their qualifications. It is important to check that the cosmetic surgeon has the required qualifications, and they can practice legally.

Although some doctors may try to convince you otherwise, not all doctors are qualified for cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgeons who are qualified will have board certification and a medical degree from an accredited school. The plastic surgeon should easily be able prove this qualification when questioned.

2. You can also experience the benefits of this

Board certification may be the first step, but an excellent cosmetic surgeon will have several years of experience. In particular, the best plastic surgeons should be experienced in their chosen specialty.

There are some surgeries which require greater experience. Many surgeons can perform a variety of operations and they are all skilled. If you are considering rhinoplasty or another highly aesthetic procedure, it is important to find someone more experienced.

3. Comfort Level

If you consult with a plastic surgeon, it is important that you feel confident and comfortable with his or her decisions. You should move on if you are uncomfortable with your doctor or feel you cannot communicate clearly. It can be stressful to undergo plastic surgery. Choosing a doctor that makes you uncomfortable will only increase the anxiety.

4. Aesthetics

Aesthetics is often subjective in cosmetic procedures. If you can find someone with a similar aesthetic, the results will be better. A thorough and in-depth consultation, along with before and after images, can be used to determine whether or not you both have the same taste.

5. It is not too late to start.

This plastic surgeon has the time to work with you. Some plastic surgeons have too many patients and are difficult to contact for any further follow-ups or inquiries. The surgeon you choose should give you their full attention and time. In the event of an emergency, will you be able to get through your consultation if you felt rushed? A doctor who is willing to listen and spend time with you should be able to do so.