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English Language Types: Variations and Differences

English, with over 500,000,000 speakers (first- and second-language speakers combined), is the third most widely spoken language after Chinese and Hindi. In the past, the english learning environment has been widely spoken around the world.

English is the world’s most popular language, dominating culture, politics, the business sector, the Internet and communication. In addition, it is one the six official United Nations languages. English as the global language is spoken and written differently. English comes in two forms: British English or American English. Oxford English Standard English and similar variants, are merely adaptations between the two.

British English

British English (or UK English), as the Americans call it, is a way of referring the English that’s spoken both in America and abroad. This term can be used to identify the UK English written language from other types. Commonwealth English has become the term of choice and is widely recognized. British English in UK school is a formalized form with a localized accent on certain words.

Americans refer to British English when referring the English dialects spoken in England. On the other hand, British nationals claim to speak “real English”, while others do not because they have different accents. It is evident that there are different dialects in Britain. Particularly in England, there are many different dialects. Another area may have its own dialect or group language. Major differences in dialects and group languages are found in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and the manner in which the language is pronounced.

American English

American English (or US English), the most common form of English today, is used all around the globe. It has many archaisms and innovative vocabulary. A large number of people are familiar with the USA because they love its books, films, music and products.

American English is not just a relic of the past, but has actually grown in popularity. These regional variations were influenced by the immigrant languages, in particular the dialects. English is the language spoken by the majority of people in South Africa. British English was used to teach English in India Australia Singapore South Africa Hong Kong. American English had a big impact on the education of English in China Japan and other Asian nations.

In other countries there are different varieties or sub-varieties. The varieties of English are all considered correct or incorrect, depending on who the target audience is. There is little difference between American and British English in terms of their written forms (e.g. spelling, grammar), but some differences do occur in the media. While spoken dialects vary, they are mainly based on pronunciation, idioms or vocabulary. Because there are no standards or types of English that should be followed, neither American nor British, it is better and more advisable to follow one standard for clarity, quality and consistency. Any type can be used, but it is a matter of personal preference.