Targeted Catalyst Recycling: Magic!

You’re going to love this riddle. It’s the answer to a question: what’s in the center of a refined, that works around-the-clock, wears eventually out, yet has a backup act equally as good, more bonuses? Your guess of the hydroprocessing catalyst is correct!

The world of refineries now can make you feel as if you’re stepping inside a futuristic novel. Reactions, machines, and the transformations that they bring! But there is one unheralded hero amongst the many marvels: the targeted recycling or catalysts. Why specific? What is targeted marketing?

In the chaotic labyrinth that is a refinery’s complex, catalysts act as matchmakers. In a refinery, catalysts play a key role in ensuring chemical reactions run smoothly. In the past, old catalysts were thrown out. But, like all things, with time they wear down and need to be refreshed. Our story takes a new twist. Instead of dumping them out, many refineries use targeted recycling.

“Target” means recycling with accuracy, similar to a surgeon who uses a razor. The treatment of each batch of used catster is based not on a standard approach but rather the unique characteristics and history of that particular batch. You can treat each catalyst like a VIP!

But you may ask: Why all these efforts? You can increase process reliability by recycling. If recycling is tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of the catalysts then the revitalized catalysts perform their best. You won’t experience any unexpected problems or sudden shut downs. Only reliable and consistent performance.

There are two benefits to this method. This approach has tangible costs and time savings benefits. A giant step is taken towards sustainability. This includes reducing waste, and making maximum use of resources.

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