The Essential Guide To Buying the Right Flagpole: What you Need to Know

This article is likely your first. You might be thinking about buying a new flagpole, or even replacing an existing one. It can be difficult keeping up with all the choices and prices available online. This article will help you simplify the process down to 10 questions. When you answer them, your flagpole shopping experience will be easy. Each paragraph has a checklist. To help you find more make your purchase, you can print the article.

1.) Budget. Flagpoles are comparable in cost to cars. The short answer is, it all depends. Flagpole costs are affected by many factors. You can find flagpoles for sale online from as little as $50 up to as much at $2,500. It all depends upon your budget. The majority of homeowners can purchase a high-quality flagpole kit online from as little as $100 to $300. You should include all applicable taxes, shipping, and installation costs (or the cost to grill a steak if it is installed by your brother-in-law).

How much do I have to spend on a flagpole $___________.

2.) Local Codes and Neighborhood Associations. Once you have set a budget, make sure to check for any historic district restrictions or ordinances that might limit the use and erection of a flagpole. Google allows you to quickly search the name and the “building codes” for your county to see if the flagpole installation was in violation of code. Online documentation is available for certain places. For assistance, you can always call the number provided to find someone. These details should be in your agreement if the association you belong to is listed. For safety reasons, you can always contact your local association. An inground flagpole might not be possible. You may be able to opt for a wall-mounted flag set or posted flag set.

I am not allowed to erect a flagpole.

_____ Flagpoles within my area have a maximum height of _____ feet

Flagpoles can’t be used in my community. However, I can mount a flagpole or flag post on a wall.

3.) Construction. Next is to decide on the type of flagpole you would like. Flagpoles of the past were made of one-piece materials like steel or aluminum. You can still find these flagpoles, although they have been replaced by telescoping or sectional ones. These flagpoles are much easier to ship, transport and erect than the original one-piece versions. The ends of sectional flagpoles have been tapered to fit nicely into the section that is above it. You can see a tiny seam up close. Each section is typically 5-6 feet in length. Telescoping flagpoles have been growing in popularity because they are easy to raise and lower flags, cost-effective and portable. You can take your telescoping pole to tailgate parties, or even to the RV park with optional accessories like deck mounts and wheel stands. Telescoping poles are more versatile than single-piece sections and single-piece poles. They are light and portable so they can be taken with you everywhere you go.

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