The Telltale Signs of a Foundation in Need of Boost

Melbourne is a city that has a vibrant art scene and numerous historic buildings. The foundations that keep buildings in place are another fascinating story. A foundation can be a source of concern, even though we take it for granted. Have you ever wondered about the underpinning of Melbourne structures? What are some signs that it might be time? We’ll play detective, and find clues. Find out more?

Mysterious cracking case: You’ve probably seen these small, subtle cracks that creep up the walls or cross floors. If they get bigger or multiply it could be the foundation sending out an SOS. And if you spot zig-zagging or diagonal cracks? This is like an ominous neon sign that says, “Check the Foundation!”

Do you have a stubborn window or door? Although it may be tempting to blame humid weather, or even that one time your nephew closed it hard, this could actually indicate foundation movement.

You may have noticed uneven or sloping floors. If you ever feel as if your home is sloping downhill or you see a marble rolling faster, this effect is not caused by a “funhouse” illusion. You might have a foundation that’s singing.

It’s not just a simple architectural disagreement when walls start pulling apart from ceilings or gaps appear between wall and floor. This could all be down to the foundation.

The Damp Basement Blues. Melbourne is known to get plenty of rain. However, a basement that consistently floods or stays damp can signal a problem. It’s possible that water is finding new routes due to foundation shifting.

Chimney Lean Dance. Got a fireplace that leans (in a subtle or not-so-subtle way)? This chimney isn’t trying to move to the beat of Melbourne; it could have an off-kilter foundation.

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