The Top Seven Facts About Tile Roof Repair are Here

Tile roofs can be beautiful and long-lasting, but they may need some minor repairs. You should be aware of these 7 things: more about the author?

1. Repairing is more affordable

Repairing a small section or the entire tile roof can cost less in many cases.

Replace your tiles

In some cases replacing tiles isn’t possible (if an appropriate tile can’t be located), but it almost always better to replace one or two tiles instead of fixing cracked tiles. Roofers with a good reputation can perform both jobs perfectly.

It can be difficult to match tiles

In most cases, matching the tiles is difficult because roof tiles last many decades and even centuries. The market is flooded with different types of tile, so finding the best match can be hard. This is why you should always have an expert look over your roof repair.

Tiles are heavier than metal roofing and most other types. They have to be installed on boarded substrate. Some tile roof repairs include both the repair of this substrate and that of the tile.

5. Roof Tiling is an expert trade

Most people assume that they are able to repair or replace tiles damaged themselves. However, it is not recommended as a do-it-yourself project. If you try to do it yourself, you may end up doing more harm than you intended.

It is possible that even if you use the same colour tile from a similar range of colours, your newly chosen tile won’t match exactly with the older. All roofs will fade in time. Your newly chosen tiles won’t have been exposed. The color will eventually fade, but the new tiles will start to blend in with the old ones.

7. The Edge Capping Could Be to Blame

It may not be your tiles that need to be repaired if you have a roof leak. Most leaks occur due to improperly waterproofed roof ridges.

The tile experts at our company can determine and correct any problem with your roof.

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