The Useful Facts You Need to Know about Crystal Perfume Bottles

The vintage perfume bottles with their flamboyant designs are also very popular. All over the UK vintage perfume bottle is gaining in popularity. They have also become popular among fake imitators who create bottles made of low-quality material and deceive people. A customer should be aware of certain details to determine whether a bottle is real crystal before purchasing. Bottles come in an array of designs. They can also be customized to contain your favorite fragrances. Such bottles used to be hard-to-find and available exclusively from genuine bottle makers. Today, you can find perfume bottles that are made from crystal in reputable online stores – click here!

Real crystal bottles

You can easily identify real perfumes by following these simple guidelines.

Porcelain or crystal: it is easy to confuse the two. Although crystal looks like porcelain, it is made of a more genuine material. Crystal has fine carvings or patterns on the surface and may even sparkle. This is a very easy way to tell the difference between an authentic bottle and a counterfeit.

Cork stub : A tight, firm and secure cork should be used on the crystal bottles to avoid spills. Stubs are used to preserve perfume and avoid evaporation.

Dip Sticks: Genuine perfume bottles have sticks of glass inside that can be used for application. With these sticks, it is simple to apply the fragrance. These bottles contain two sticks.

Asymmetrical base. Original bottles are not always flat. Sometimes they are not able to stand due to their rough bases.

Crystal bottles of perfume can be purchased online

With advances in technology, buying anything online has never been easier. Online you can purchase genuine, authentic products. Here’s a few things you should keep in mind.

Search through our collection of crystal bottles to match your favourite fragrances. Search with specific keywords in mind using the search bar.

If you select a few perfume bottles to compare, read through the comments that appear below them. Customers who bought the bottle have written the reviews. Most people consider the ratings of 3 or 5 stars to be valid.

The customer service department can be contacted to clarify any questions you might have regarding the store, delivery, product quality or price.

Look at the history of the shop and how it is regarded in the market. Customers who have left positive reviews on their store’s website and in the many bottles they offer are good reasons to purchase from them.

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