What To Expect From A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

Your carpet looks like a disaster after a recent party! You can’t seem to find a way to remove the dirt or stains, no matter what you do. You give up and scan the phone book for carpet cleaners who will do the work for you – helpful resources!

You finally get an appointment after calling a number of people. The company seems to be very knowledgeable about their business. They arrive exactly on time after a couple of days. You are so far impressed by their professionalism. You are unsure of what to expect since it is your first time hiring someone to do the carpet cleaning for you.

Here are some things you should expect when you hire a carpet cleaning service.

1. The serviceman will need to introduce themselves and show identification upon arrival. This is done in order to verify that the person you are dealing with comes from the firm which was hired by you. You may then need to accompany the serviceman as he inspects the carpet to determine which spots need thorough cleaning.

He may discuss the stains he is unable to remove, and how he will tackle them. This is a good time to voice your concerns or ask questions about the procedure.

2. The serviceman then moves appliances and furniture in order to reach areas underneath them. If the furniture is too heavy for them to lift manually, then they will use another equipment. They may charge extra labor if this happens. Know that there should not be any charges made before discussing the matter with you.

3. The cleaning begins after the move. This is how the majority of carpet cleaners conduct their business.

Pre-vacuuming dry soils and debris

Spraying a conditioning agent, or a pre-spotting agent that will help to break down dirt/stains thoroughly

The carpet should be agitated if it is spotted or pre-conditioned. This can be done by using a powered brush.

d. Rinsing. Rinsing does not mean simply wetting down the carpet to remove the soap. It is common to use a powerful machine to apply enough water to rinse the carpet and then squeegee it again.

Neutralizer is an agent which prevents your carpet from feeling sticky.

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